The History and Legacy of The Rushes Wilderness

April 29, 2024

The Rushes Wilderness Preserve is more than just a scenic retreat; it’s a vibrant tapestry of history, vision, and unwavering dedication to conservation. Nestled in the heart of Door County, Wisconsin, this 120-acre sanctuary offers a glimpse into the past and a promise for the future.

The Origins: A Vision of Preservation

The story of The Rushes begins with the Logerquist family, original stewards of the land. The Logerquists harbored a profound respect for their property and dreamed of transforming it into a wilderness preserve. This dream started to take shape in 1980 when Clem Heeden, a visionary with a knack for blending development with conservation, walked the 160-acre expanse with the Logerquist brothers. While his initial intention was to plan a condominium development, Heeden had the foresight to earmark approximately 120 acres as a common area with a Wilderness Preserve restriction.

This strategic move ensured that the natural beauty and ecological value of the land would be protected for generations to come. The Logerquists’ vision and Heeden’s innovative planning set the stage for the creation of The Rushes Wilderness Preserve.

Establishing the Preserve: Trails and Treasures

As development of The Rushes commenced, Heeden wasted no time in bringing the preserve to life. He enlisted the expertise of The Ridges Sanctuary, a local conservation organization, to design and lay out a network of trails. These trails, which utilized some of the old logging roads, were meticulously planned to enhance the natural experience without disrupting the ecosystem. The Ridges Sanctuary also developed a trail guide and interpretive trail guide posts, providing visitors with educational insights into the flora and fauna of the area.

This thoughtful integration of trails turned the Wilderness Preserve into a major attraction for The Rushes development, blending recreation with education and conservation.

Integrating Nature into The Rushes Resort

At The Rushes Wilderness Resort, the commitment to nature and conservation is evident in every aspect. The serene wilderness preserve and its picturesque location on Kangaroo Lake offer a unique blend of relaxation and environmental stewardship. The Rushes understands that the tranquility of its nature preserve not only enhances the health and enjoyment of its owners and guests but also contributes to the vitality of the environment.

From the very beginning, The Rushes has embraced its role as a steward of the land, ensuring that development and nature coexist harmoniously. This commitment is reflected in the resort’s ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance the wilderness preserve.

The Purpose and Importance of Wilderness Preserves

Wilderness preserves serve several crucial purposes. They protect biodiversity by providing a sanctuary for a wide variety of plants and animals. These areas act as living laboratories for scientific research and environmental education, offering valuable insights into natural processes and ecological balance. Furthermore, wilderness preserves offer recreational opportunities that foster a deep appreciation for nature and promote mental and physical well-being.

By maintaining its wilderness preserve, The Rushes not only preserves the natural beauty of the land but also contributes to the broader goals of conservation and environmental education.

The Rushes Wilderness Foundation: Ensuring a Sustainable Future

In the fall of 1992, recognizing the need for dedicated conservation efforts, the Rushes Association Board decided to form a separate not-for-profit organization. Thus, the Rushes Wilderness Foundation was incorporated on October 30, 1992. The Association provided initial funding to cover legal expenses and other startup costs. On June 4, 1997, the IRS granted the Foundation not-for-profit status, marking a significant milestone in the conservation journey.

The Rushes Wilderness Foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting and enhancing the wilderness preserve. It focuses on fundraising, educational programs, and conservation projects that ensure the long-term sustainability of the preserve. Through the Foundation’s efforts, The Rushes continues to protect and nurture its natural heritage.


Ongoing Support and Community Involvement

The success of The Rushes Wilderness Preserve is a testament to the collaborative efforts of its community. Owners, guests, and local conservationists contribute to the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the preserve. Whether it’s participating in trail maintenance, attending educational programs, or supporting fundraising initiatives, the community plays an integral role in preserving this natural gem.

The Rushes’ commitment to conservation extends beyond its borders. By partnering with local organizations and participating in regional conservation initiatives, The Rushes helps to promote environmental stewardship throughout Door County.

A Legacy Preserved for Future Generations

The Rushes Wilderness Preserve stands as a beacon of conservation and community spirit. From the Logerquist family’s initial vision to the formation of the Rushes Wilderness Foundation, the preserve’s history is rich with dedication and foresight. Today, The Rushes continues to honor this legacy by fostering a deep connection between people and nature.

As we look to the future, The Rushes remains committed to protecting and enhancing this unique wilderness preserve. By doing so, it ensures that future generations will enjoy the land’s natural beauty and ecological value, fostering a lasting appreciation for nature’s wonders.

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